Patch Notes

Version 2.2. Released March 2020.

  1. Added the Weak and Minor Nouns module.
  2. Added the Adverbs, Conjunctions, and Prepositions module.
  3. Redesigned the Quick Note on the Alphabet page.
  4. Created an interactive vowel origin chart for the i-mutation topic and pronunciation guide.
  5. Added even more audio to the pronounciation guide.
  6. Created a basic translation test. See example here.
  7. Typo fixes and corrections.

Version 2.1. Released January 2020.

  1. Added the Irregular Verbs module.
  2. Added 'test your vocabulary' flashcards to the overview topic of relevant modules. See example here.
  3. Added pollyfills so the javascript works in older versions of Internet Explorer which do not support ES6.
  4. Added a favicon. (That's the little picture in your browser tab)
  5. Typo fixes and corrections.

Version 2.0. Released November 2019.

  1. HTML structure has been simplified and converted, where possible, to semantic HTML.
  2. Style guide created and CSS updated and simplified in line with the new style guide.
  3. Converted all non-manuscript images containing text to HTML so as to be compatible with screenreaders and copyable by users.
  4. Brand new homepage with a smaller, responsive header, a logo, larger font size and taller line height.
  5. Added a topic on demonstratives and increased the number of questions in the grammar tests of the Cases module.
  6. Added the ability to load different quizzes of varying complexity levels on the same page. See example here.
  7. Updated grammar tables so they are properly responsive on mobile.
  8. Added togglable info-box component to allow the addition of information without increasing visual complexity. See example here.
  9. Added abbreviation tags to complex words so they can be hovered for explanatory tooltips.
  10. Added audio to the phonetics table to demonstrate correct pronunciation.
  11. Created the Advanced Pronunciation guide to explain more complex aspects of the phonology.
  12. Added the Weak Verbs, Strong Neuter and Feminine Nouns, Pronouns, and Adjectives modules.
  13. Updated About Page to reflect completion of Masters and transition to a funded OVPTL project.
  14. Created the timeline for a general overview of the development of Old English.
  15. Created this patch notes page to track changes.
  16. Created the license page for licensing and copyright info.