Strong Neuter Demonstratives

Neuter demonstratives are very similar to Masculine demonstratives, differing in only two respects. The demonstrative pronoun for the nominative and accusative singular is þæt instead of se and þone. The Strong Neuter plural demonstratives are identical to the Strong Masculine plural demonstratives.

Strong Neuter Demonstratives
Singular Plural
Nominative þæt þa
Accusative þæt þa
Genitive þæs þara
Dative þæm þæm

While demonstratives are not a perfect way of telling which gender a noun is due to the amount of overlap between categories, a noun and all its modifiers, including demonstrative pronouns, always share the same case, gender and number. This is called case harmony and means that demonstratives are a good way of figuring out the case a noun is in.

þæt scip
Singular Nominative
þa scipu
Plural Nominative

þæt scip
Singular Accusative
þa scipu
Plural Accusative

þæs scipes      
Singular Genitive
þara scipa
Plural Genitive

þæm scipe   
Singular Dative
þæm scipum
Plural Dative

You can practice strong neuter demonstratives below.

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