Anglo-Saxon Chronicle 755

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles are a collection of annals in Old English, chronicling historical events in early medieval England. While the earliest recorded date in the annals is 60BC, the original manuscript was likely composed in the late 9th century during the reign of Alfred the Great (r. 871–899). However, all nine surviving versions are copies of this lost original, which were updated independently in various monasteries across England.

Since the chronicles were maintained by people in different locations and with different allegiances and interests, they do not always record the same contemporary events, and in some cases they record events differently. Most copies end after 1079, only the Peterborough Chronicle continues after this, ending with an unfinished entry for 1154.

The following is a short excerpt from f.23r of British Library, Cotton MS.Tiberius B, also known as the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle D or The Worcester Chronicle. It comes from the entry for the year 755 and details the actions of King Cynewulf's thanes after he is murdered.

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