Ñ dccclxxxviii. Her lædde beocca ealdorman Westsexna ælmessan and ælfredes cyninges to rome ond ælþelswið cwen, seo wæs ælfredes sweostor cyninges ond heo forðferde ond hire lic ligð æt pauian, ond þyilcan geare æþered arcebiscop ond æþelwald ealdorman forðferdon on anum monðe.
Ñ dccclxxxix. On þyssum geare næs nan færeld to rome butan twegen hleaperas ælfred cyning sende mid gewritum.

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A.D. 888. This year Alderman Beocca conducted the almsgiving of the West-Saxons and of King Alfred to Rome. And Queen Ethelswith, who was King Alfred's sister, died and her body lies at Pavia. The same year also Ethered, Archbishop of Canterbury and Alderman Ethelwold, died in one month.
A.D. 889. This year there was not any journey to Rome, except that King Alfred sent two messengers with letters.


Beocca (died 910) was the Court Chaplain of Wessex from 871 to 899, serving under King Alfred the Great.

Alms is the act of giving charitable donations to the poor.

Pavia is a city south of Milan, Italy.

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