Dual Pronouns

Dual pronouns are a form of personal pronoun which have not survived into modern English, but often appear in Old English texts when a couple is being addressed. Dual pronouns function the same was as any personal pronoun, but have only two forms: the first person and the second person. A modern translation of the Old English dual pronouns would be 'us two' and 'you two', and like all pronouns they decline differently depending on their case.

First Person Second Person
Nominative wit git
Accusative unc inc
Genitive uncer incer
Dative unc inc

The word 'git' (more often spelled as 'giet' or 'gyt') can also mean 'yet' or 'still' and is what we derive the modern English word 'yet' from. The only way to differentiate between the two is by context.

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